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Love Notes // Vol. 5

01 //Current mood. I've been especially conscious of finding work/life balance as of late, and the importance of setting aside time to do what feeds you. This week, that's meant a lot of reading, as I seem to be on a bit of a learning kick and consuming articles, blog posts, podcasts and books like it's nobodies business. Anything business, design, creative-oriented, I'm interested, and I've been brainstorming ideas for the Working Girl column as a result of that, which I'm really excited to start sharing.

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The Mod Mobile

Whether it's my two day, bi-weekly trip for work or a weeklong vacation, I've gotten pretty good at packing my work bag, and have determined that above all, organization is key. I have two pouches that are always filled with the essentials, and the most recent addition to my organizational arsenal is the Mod Mobile, a customizable leather case handmade in LA by This Is Ground.

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