The Mod Mobile

Whether it's my two day, bi-weekly trip for work or a weeklong vacation, I've gotten pretty good at packing my work bag, and have determined that above all, organization is key. I have two pouches that are always filled with the essentials, and the most recent addition to my organizational arsenal is the Mod Mobile, a customizable leather case handmade in LA by This Is Ground.

I'm a firm believer that the more pockets, the better, and so this little case is kind of a dream come true, providing the perfect spot for all of the little random things I like to have with me at all times: lipstick, stickers, instagram mini prints I'm temporarily using as business cards, pens, bobbis, sparkly earrings, glasses, post-it notes... and the list goes on.

On longer trips, I tend to use it as my wallet, tucking my passport in the back and my phone in the front, and I love having everything in one place, as opposed to constantly fishing around for this or that in my purse. Basically, everything has it's own special place tucked into the case, making it easy to find whatever it is I'm looking for, especially when I'm on the go.