It's always nice to start a new season off with a top 10 'to do' list of things you'd like to do or accomplish throughout the next few months. Sometimes the months and seasons can slip by so easily so we've compiled our top 10 things we'd like to do for fall and encourage you to do the same! What's on your list for fall?



One. Buy a Leather Mini Skirt This has been one of our most desired styling items of the season thus far and we are on the quest for the perfect one. Thinking this Whitney Eve one with exposed zipper might be it but we also love the flared skater skirt from For Love & Lemons. We want to wear a leather skirt and chunky knit all season long and feel edgy and yet put together all season.



Two. Rock Messy Hair We've seen it all over the runways and are loving the messy hair trend! I mean, how can we argue waking up with bed head, using a few bobby pins to get it out of our face and heading out the door. This look is so care free and can looks great when styled with a great outfit! One less thing to worry about.



Three. Get Organized  After a fun and careless summer we always like using Septembers "back to school" mentality  to inspire us to get organized in our workspace. We love functioning and inspiring offices but in order  to have one we need to spend some extra time organizing this month and using pretty boxes/shelves to help!



Four. Make Soup It's always a fall ritual to make homemade soup. We want to go to the market for fresh veggies on a cold day and spend the afternoon trying out new recipes for yummy soup that we can freeze and eat all season long.




Five. Write Love Letters We want to remember to take the time, slow down, and write or type out personal letters to our lovers, friends and families to remind them how much they mean to us. It's too easy to get caught up in your own life and not take the time to share the love we have for the people who are most important to us!




Six. Wear Hats The best part of cooler weather is that you can throw on a big hat or toque with practically any outfit and add some extra personality. We want to stock up on cute bright toques to add colour and also wide brimmed hats that add a bohemian edge.



Eight. Read The Classics We want to knock a few good classics off the 'must read' list and we are starting with The Bell Jar by Silvia Plath and Jane Erye by Charlotte Bronte. After the busy summer it's a good time to slow down and take the time to read some juicy novels before bed.




Nine. Go To The Flea Market It's one of our favourite things to do on the weekends, especially when the chill is in the air. Pile on a big sweater, get a yummy coffee and explore our local flea markets, hunting for vintage goodies.




Nine. Find The Perfect Tee We are always wearing our old favourite tees and feel it's time to add another one to our collection. It needs to be soft, thin and have something fun on the front!




Ten. Plan A Trip To Paris We've been talking about it non stop but this fall we are starting to plan a trip to Paris for next year.