The Land of Pink Sands


On our final day in The Bahamas, we opted to hop on a ferry and visit one of the other islands, Harbour Island, which promised miles of pink sand beaches and charming tropical flair in the tiny island town. We packed a picnic (complete with a bottle of wine for the ferry ride back, of course) and rented bikes to cruise around the tiny island, and it was easily one of the highlights from the trip.

Harbour Island has a Caribbean authenticity that was charming and simple, offering a sense of what island life would really be like, and it's definitely a life I wouldn't mind living. Instead of numbers, the tiny, brightly painted houses are all given names, like 'The Dollhouse', lending so much colour and character to the island. There are very few cars, which means that bikes and golf carts are the transportation of choice, perfect for exploring the tiny streets and discovering secret walkways and vine-covered entries.

And don't even get me started on the pink sand beaches. One website likened them to a "fairy-floss and cream-pie hallucination", and though they weren't quite as pink as I had been hoping for, the subtle tint of pink was still stunning and whole effect was breathtaking. Miles long and set against the bright clear blue of the ocean, it was easily one of the prettiest beaches I have ever been too, and I was happy to spend my final day basking in the beauty.

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Photos: Jason Matos