Monday Muse // Lustforlife

 This Monday our muse is LA's frequent flyer, road trip enthusiastic and style blogger for Lustforlife. We find Olivia Lopez's jet-setter style modern, chic and perfectly put together. Each of her outfits are strongly accessorized as she mixes textured fabrics and colours that reflect each paradise she visits. Olivia's style makes us want to get all dressed up and hop on the next available flight. Here are a few wardrobe suggestions to emulate your fairytale trip without even leaving your neighbourhood.

Parker Hayden Dress // Imagine, the sun has set and the stars begin to appear as you walk barefoot in the sand at the Sea Of Stars in the Vaadhoo Island. The Parker Hayden's sequins reflect and dazzle the stunning scene of the sparkling water. Take inspiration from a natural phenomenon and have similar breathtaking style.

Blue Willow Dress // The Blue Willow dress combines multiple shades of light and dark blues creating a bold fresh piece. These blue tints and tones mimic the refreshing scenery of the Underwater Waterfall in the Mauritius Island. Your outfit will echo the ocean waterfalls and have a breathtaking style we like to call 'island fresh' all day long.

Faded Glory Ombre Blazer // A pink lake. It may seem like an imaginary place from a dream land that couldn't exist, but its real. Imagine if you paired the pink Faded Glory Ombre Blazer with Lake Hillier, Australia's pink lake. Wow, what a knockout scene that would be!