Playing with Pleats

There's always so much talk abut which season is your favourite and why, with the consensus usually being that summer or fall takes the cake. And I agree. I love winter but only when I actually have the chance to enjoy it, which unfortunately isn't really the case when you live in downtown Toronto. And spring is just a little unpredictable for my taste, always with the promise of warmer days around the corner so you feel like you're constantly waiting for the temperature to climb just a little higher.

The reasons for loving summer are pretty self-explanatory. Long, leisurely days, sun kissed skin and bare legs. But there's a romance about fall and the subtle crispness in the air that I always long for. The problem is, it's so incredibly short-lived, and those days where the weather is just about perfect and you're still able to feel the sun on your face and don't have to worry about covering every inch of skin don't last for long.

But when those few short weeks are upon us, when the temperature is just right, those are always my favourite days to dress for.

Skirt: Aritzia // Knit tank: American Apparel // Lace Up Flats: Topshop // Purse: Chosen Vintage

Photos: Jason Matos