Monday Muse // Margot and Me

Jenny is the blogger behind personal style blog Margot and Me, and it's very apparent upon scrolling through her posts that she harbours a deep love for fashion and all things style related, intrigued by every aspect of it. Calling Los Angeles home, Jenny's style is what she describes as equal opportunist since she doesn't discriminate against any look, and that sense of sartorial adventure is definitely evident on her blog. Each outfit is put together with care and attention to detail, rarely complete without the perfect pair of sunnies to finish a look off, or an extra layer that adds that certain je ne sais quoi. There's definitely a classic quality to Jenny's style, a chic femininity that is evident in each look but still showcases her personality, mixing in recent trends with wardrobe staples.

 "Jenny’s style philosophy is simple “It’s not about being held hostage to trends, it’s about exploring your stylistic cravings, overcoming your sartorial doubts and becoming alluringly elusive through your look. It’s about severe femininity, chic with an unexpected jolt. Intellectual, without being unapproachable.”

She believes in a careful balance between feminine prints, bold colors, unique trendier pieces and timeless classics. She aims to inspire the every day woman with elevated yet approachable style through mixing high and low pieces, providing high quality imagery and working with brands that inspire her and her readers."

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