Pastels for Fall


I'm choosing to break a few sartorial rules this fall, and instead of packing away my sheer white laces (of which there are many, I can assure you!) and rainbow of pastel pieces, I'm incorporating them into my wardrobe this season and embracing pastels for fall. As much as I love the change in seasons and incorporating new textures and cozy knits, I'm never quite as excited about the change in colour palette. I'm not the biggest fan of red or orange, I always choose black over brown no matter what the season, and though I love the richness of jewel tones, it's rare that they actually make their way into my closet. And with the past few seasons seeing a lot more pastels introduced into the fall collections, I don't think I'm the only one welcoming this shift. I think the key is balancing out lighter hues with blacks and greys and paying attention to textures. A pale pink sweater gets paired with worn-in black skinnies, or an ivory lace skirt peeks out under an oversized knit in the same pale shade with black tights to finish the look. There really is an endless array of options when it comes to styling pastels for fall, it just requires you to change your thinking a little.

As is usually the case, I put together some inspiration that - though not necessarily outfit specific - pretty much sums up my pastel state of mind at the moment.

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