Monday Muse // A Pair & A Spare


This Monday we're obsessed with the how-to author and jet setter of the 'DIY fashionista' book and A Pair & A Spare website. Geneva Vanderzeil's modern do-it-yourself instructions give easy-to-follow steps for modern trendy looks that'll have you looking chic where ever you go. Her bright aesthetic and revamping nature has us itching to dig into the back of our closets and rehabilitate our old outfits. Her crafty instructions range from home and interior, to clothing and jewelry. She keeps all of her looks contemporary and stylish, making sure to keep her readers up to date on fresh-off-the-runway trends.


Geneva has inspired us to take fashion into our own hands, brush the dust off of our old clothes and revive our closet. All it takes is a little time, thought, a few extra stitches and voila! - you're ready to go out on the town, remade and feeling refreshed. However, it's a hard truth that a lot of us now a days don't have very much extra time in our day-to-day schedules. So we've picked out our favourite spring refreshers only a boutique visit away for you to help revitalize your wardrobe in one easy step. With a few new special spring pieces in your wardrobe and a promise to tackle some DIY projects on your own thanks to A Pair & A Spare's inspiration and tips, you'll be all set to welcome the new season.

Keepsake Stubborn Love Dress // This lively bold dress in bright fuchsia will energize your outfit and your day, offering you the choice to dress it up or down and have fun with accessorizing.

Wildfox Shell Bra Lost Sweater // Fresh and fun, this open knit with iridescent sequin shell embellishment will have you looking as though you magically washed up on shore. Isn't it every girl's dream to be a mermaid?

Maison Scotch Botanical Dress // Full of luscious floral patterns on an ivory backdrop, this simple botanical dream dress is full of invigorating spring greens and pastel prints.