Madonna Inn // Le Blog de Betty

9525062903_e4bdffee09_oWe have a long list of places we want to visit and adventures we want to take, and the Madonna Inn in California has been on that list ever since we first spotted it on Le Blog de Betty and were introduced to its kitschy, retro splendour. Every room is decorated differently with a distinct theme and colour, and with names like 'American Beauty'("the furnishings echo a mood of nostalgia adding romance and charm to the garden theme"), 'Dot & Daisy' ("sweet dreams abound within the simplicity of dots & daisies!"), 'Swiss Belle' ("a rocky landscape creates its own special alpine woodland in this imaginative Swiss theme"), there's something for everyone. 

Betty's style, which we've featured in the past as a Monday Muse, fits perfectly in this quirky setting, from her pink sequin hot pants and bold sunnies to her hot pink bikini and perfectly messy hair. It'll come as no surprise that as soon as we laid eyes on the Madonna Inn and Betty's impromptu blog shoot there, our heads filled with visions of road trips and photo shoots, and we're thinking 2014 might just be the year this dream comes true. Not to mention our current love affair with the beauty of the desert and southwestern charm, tempting us to venture out into the middle of nowhere, camera and convertible in tow, to see what sort of magic we can create. And yes, we already have a 'Desert Dreaming' Pinterest board dedicated to our style inspiration, so take a peek and embark on the journey with us.









[images via Le Blog de Betty]