Monday Muse // Kate Moss


This week there was a lot of buzz around Kate Moss's 40th birthday, and the iconic model celebrated her big day by throwing a large party and inviting some of the fashion world's biggest names. Kate Moss has mesmerized the style industry and held onto their gaze for more then a decade, but how does she do it? We've taken a good long look through her  wardrobe to determine her staple, go-to items that keep her at the top of everyones style inspiration list.

Classic Black // You'll often see Kate wearing black elements in many of her outfits. By implementing black into her looks, her outfits always convey a sleek and stylish aesthetic. Perfect for easy outfit coordination and simple effective matching, black items can also create a minimal and sophisticated design. When Kate wears black she looks like she's on the job even when she's off duty. Plus, with the added benefit of black being a more slimming colour, who could resist not wearing it everyday. We love the  Keepsake Reunion Dress as our go-to LBD.

Layers //  This leading lady loves to throw on layers. Whether they're fur, leather or the standard blazer she always has the option to dress up or dress down her outfit. Giving this option gives every outfit more depth and fun. Along with its functionality, layering can create strong shoulders and be an easy way to build a plain outfit into a statement outfit. We suggest you throw on the Camo Girl Jacket.

Complimentary Handbag // Having a chic handbag is the perfect accessory. With the ideal bag you can use it day after day, with outfit after outfit. We suggest you invest in a great quality bag and have it forever. You'll never have a bad outfit day again with this staple item. Just keep in mind that if you want your bag to go with you everywhere, everyday, it's important to think about the best and most efficient size for your lifestyle.