Days Like These

floralmaxi_pinkwall3 My favourite weekends are spent exploring the city. Taking advantage of a sunny days and hopping on our bikes to see where the day takes us, open to new possibilities and with no particular agenda. Hunting down a new restaurant or ice cream truck, taking shortcuts down streets we've never been down before, stopping to pick out our dream houses, to admire picture perfect gardens and to take photos in front of colourful walls. This, to me, is what the summer is all about.

A few weeks ago, Jason and I found ourselves with a full Saturday free to do just that. We took full advantage, picking up a fancy lens he had rented for another shoot, soaking up the sun on the adorable patio of Cocina Economica (the newest, east end addition to the Playa Cabana family), weaving our way through the city and ending up in Kensington to treat ourselves to ice cream and gather supplies for a charcuterie board. It doesn't get much better than that.

Since starting my 30 Day Spending Challenge, I've been spending lots of time going through my closet and making an effort to style pieces I haven't worn recently and getting rid of pieces I no longer wear. Unsurprisingly, this has made for a rediscovery of a number of hidden gems, including this floral maxi dress from the shop that I haven't worn in a couple of summers but still love. There's nothing like a good floral print, and maxi dresses are one of my favourite summer silhouettes, easy and feminine, and offering so many styling possibilities.


Floral Maxi Dress (Bicyclette Boutique) // Keepsake Pink Sweater (Bicyclette Boutique) // White Converse // Vintage Purse (Chosen Vintage)

Photos: Jason Matos