We had the pleasure of shooting our newest lookbook for July, "Westend Roomies", with the talented Sarah Shreves last month in downtown Los Angeles. This lookbook focuses on the special bond between roomies and best friends. Those nights you come home after a stressful day and your roomate is there with wine and listening ear or the night when she convinces you it's a good idea to dress up and hit the town when you need it most. An unbreakable bond that helps us through the tough times and celebrate the good times.

We love shooting in Los Angeles and this time was especially fantastic because we got to feature Stone Cold Fox, a line we had just picked up for the store the day before. They have been one of our favourite summer lines and the pieces featured in the lookbook have been sellouts in store and online, including the "Love Romper" and "Dogtown Maxi."

It's a pretty wonderful thing to be working with a broader creative team from coast to coast and we look forward to shooting down there again soon.

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