The Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

At some point over the past couple of seasons, I found myself with what one may call an accidental capsule wardrobe. 

Capsule wardrobes have obviously been a topic that's been on my radar recently, but it only really hit me recently that I think I have fully subscribed to the concept without ever "officially" setting about to build one. Whether it's a quest for simplicity or an urge for a slightly more polished look, I find myself gravitating towards pieces that err on the more classic side, with a tendency towards luxe basics in shades of white, soft greys and blacks and then layering in pops of colour, metallic tones and textured accents through accessory choices. It's really an exercise is embracing the beauty in simplicity and focusing on the details.

It coincides with this undeniable urge I've had for simplicity in all aspects of my life. To streamline my business, to de-clutter my home, to enjoy the quiet moments and simple pleasures in life without giving into the desire for more

As is often the case, my style choices tend to be in sync and aligned with what's happening in my business and personal life at any given time, so I can't say this surprises me, and as I start to feel things slowing down over the next few weeks, I'm looking forward to diving into this a little more and having the chance to explore these new directions I find myself pulled in. 

I'm starting to wonder if perhaps it's time to "officially" succumb to the pull of the capsule wardrobe and set about reorganizing my closet and planning my outfits out accordingly, so maybe that will be my next step. For now though, here's a peek at a few of the items that are in heavy rotation these days, with no sign of falling out of favour anytime soon. 


Aritzia Huang Blouse // Madewell Summer Jeans // Black Suede and Gold Purse // Jeffrey Campbell Suede Mules