Take Me Out // Fancy Franks

DSC_0129 There's something so simple, cute, and delicious about a good old hot dog. I mean, having been a vegetarian my entire life, I've never actually tried a real one, but my experience with veggie dogs has been nothing but delightful. I love the crispy, toasted buns and all of the toppings set up on a row, just waiting to be piled up. Though I am a huge fan of both the late night hot dog cart and home made hot dog, there's one place in Toronto that really gets my mouth watering: Fancy Franks.


I first visited Frank's on rainy Valentine's evening for vegetarian corn dogs and cinnamon heart mini donuts. It was love at first sight, and since that night I've become a bit of a regular, especially since a second location opened up in my neighbourhood!

With plain hot dogs, veggie dogs, and all sorts of "fancy" options that range from poutine hot dog to "90210" hot dog with avocado and bacon, there are almost too many delicious options. On top of the fancy franks, there are also milkshakes, fries, and fresh mini donuts on offer, which means it's pretty much impossible to leave without popping a button or two.


I headed to Franks for a picnic table lunch on a sunny autumn Tuesday to soak up some rays and indulge in a tray full of junk food. I got all gussied up in a plaid Jordan De Ruiter skirt that made me feel like a '50s diner drive in girl, and paired it with a cropped black sweater with tiny embroidered hearts. I kept things simple accessory-wise with vintage Ferragamo shoes, a Ban.do "Hooray" tote and some glittery Ban.do hair clips.


With just the right amount of vintage back-to-school flare, I scarfed down a delicious veggie hot dog, a chocolate milkshake, and some very tasty lemon curd donuts. In that moment, the threat of the changing season didn't seem that bad; at least no matter what the weather I can enjoy some very fancy franks!

Photos by Brianne Burnell