Seashell Pink Vans

Since the grand closet purge of 2015, I’ve become extremely particular about what stays in my closet and any new pieces I decide to add in. I tend to be attracted to pretty little details and extra special pieces that don’t quite cut it for it day-to-day wear (hello, vintage sequins), so I’ve had to re-train myself to look for styles that offer that in a different way, whether that be a cut, colour, or specific detail. 

I always admire women who can run around in heels all day, but the truth of the matter is, that’s just not my reality these days. Though there’s really no such thing as a “typical” day in my world, there’s a good chance it’ll involve a mix of time spent in the office in front of the computer, shooting something or other in the studio, and running errands either on foot, by bike or car. 

None of these activities is particularly heel friendly, so though I have been putting in more of an effort to properly dress myself each day (a major work-from-home win!), it’s usually a pair of sparkly earrings or a swipe of pink lipstick as the finishing touch. Since shoes often become an afterthought as I run out the door, I’m constantly on the hunt for options that pair well with my wardrobe, have an element of femininity, and can take me wherever my day might lead. 

Vans always remind me of high school, when I first became smitten by surf culture and actually started to pay attention to my own personal style, and since I never owned a pair back then, I was pretty thrilled to come across a pair of classic slip-ons in the prettiest seashell pink. They’re the perfect summer staple, with a colour subtle enough to act as a neutral, a style easy enough to slip into on the fly, and - most importantly of all - just the right amount of nostalgia to satisfy my inner surfer girl. 

Vans Classic Slip-On via Union Jack Boots // For Love & Lemons Dress (via Bicyclette) // Mendocino Vest // Free People Sunnies