Introducing the Brand Personality Challenge!

Sometimes when we’ve been working in — or on — our own brand for so long, we forget to continue to challenge ourselves, or to really think about our overarching brand strategy. Or perhaps some of you out there are just thinking about launching your brand for the first time ever. Either way, having a visual strategy to guide your brand is great at any stage, and sometimes in the haste of moving forward we skip over some of those nitty gritty details that make our brands magical.

Knowing how crucial these foundational details are to all of my one-on-one clients, I wanted to find a way to share my process that was more accessible and affordable. So I created the Visual Strategy Masterclass, a course that guides you through my signature process and provides a suite of tools and resources that will help you define your brand style, leaving you with a shot list for your next brand photoshoot and a visual strategy to carry forward. And this time around — and for the first time ever — we’ve also added an additional bonus module on styling, where you can learn more about my favourite tricks, tools, and tips for styling, even if you’re just at home — no fancy studio required!

To kick off the next launch of the Visual Strategy Masterclass on August 1st, we’re hosting a fun Instagram Challenge starting on Monday. With constantly changing algorithms and less and less “engagement” on the platform, we wanted to do something fun to help our community not only bond with each other, but to shake things up a bit! One part of building out a brand strategy is really thinking outside of the box. Recently on the blog we shared a post about the brand personality questions that we use with our clients, and after some great feedback from you all, we decided to turn it into a challenge!


Entering is simple —

Each day on Instagram we’ll be asking one of the brand personality questions Studio B uses with our internal clients, and all you need to do is answer the question for your own brand in the comments and tag a friend. At 10PM EST each day we will announce a winner who will be given free access to the Visual Strategy Masterclass course when it launches next week. That’s right — we’re going to be giving away 5 courses in total next week!

So be sure to follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for our first question on Monday!