We’re pleased to introduce a new blog feature, ‘All Made Up’, hosted by hair and makeup artist extraordinaire, Ashley Readings. We work with Ashley on most of our lookbook shoots and other creative projects, and this new collaboration is the perfect way to offer our readers exclusive beauty tips and behind-the-scenes content. Plus, we like any excuse to dress up and have our hair and make up done!

As the filming for 90 Days came to an end, we had discussed the nuances of Ana’s curl, the appropriate amount of lipstick to wear on date 1 vs date 45 and the importance of a good mascara wand to the point that our all male film crew began to recognise the name of lipstick shades.

For me, selfish as I can be, this movie was all about the beauty. I got to do what I love best - real life hair and makeup for real life women. Instead of getting Ana ready for a photo shoot or glamourous event, I treated Quinn like a friend - I was prepping a bestie for a date with a new guy.

We are now very excited to share our discovered tips with all of you. So here is our first of three looks for summer love, as seen here on Quinn in our 90 Days Lookbook. Along with some unsolicited advice on when to skip the red lipstick.


1. The First Date

It’s crucial to not over think this one. First dates are exciting and nerve-wracking and there are never any guarantees - so keep the hair and makeup familiar and weather/ location appropriate; once it’s done you shouldn’t have to give your hair and makeup a second thought. Think about the looks that make you feel the best and choose something you’ve done before and can execute with ease and confidence. Save the beauty experiments for another day.



For Quinn’s first date with Julian, spent on rides at Centre Island, I wanted something out of her face but still pretty and fun. The milkmaid braids were created in the easiest way possible; two long pigtail braids criss-crossed over the top of her hair and pinned. She wore very little foundation, dark grey eye shadow across the lash line, a coating (or two!) of mascara and a pink gloss in her lip colour with a matching blush on the apples of her cheek.

Unsolicited advice: unless a red lip is part of your everyday routine (in which case - go you. That’s super hot!), probably best not to break out the bold shade for a first date. Poorly applied red lipstick blurs the line between sexy and sexy clown. You’ve been warned.


bicyclette040 bicyclette033b

[photos by Scarlet O'Neill]