Easter Brunch


There are many perks to sharing a studio - late nights behind the computer are easier to manage with company (and shared bottles of wine) and having someone to brainstorm with and ask for feedback on creative projects is invaluable - but recently Alex and I have started to collaborate even more, resulting in a new cocktail recipe blog series and a number of ideas for creative shoots.

Last week, as we began to plan our next cocktail post and realized that Easter was just around the corner, we decided we might as well put together a little Easter brunch featuring our signature Lavender Lemonade Mimosa, and our idea quickly turned into a styled shoot. Alex started designed menus for the place settings and I set to work decorating Easter eggs and pulling together the other details.

The colour palette for anything Easter themed is pretty obvious, so we easily settled on bright pastels with hints of gold to make it a little bit more elegant. Dyeing eggs brought me right back to my childhood, playing around with food dye and attempting the perfect shades of pink and turquoise, finishing them off with a delicate brushing of gold foil, which might be my newest obsession. Tiny plastic bunnies also received the gold treatment, first with a quick coat of spray paint and then - you guessed it - gold foil, serving as the perfect accent to the lovely floral accented menus that Alex illustrated.

Though we did come up with a full fictional brunch menu, we also wanted to fill the table with baked goods, so we pulled in our pastels with a selection of macarons and croissants and croissants from Nadège Patisserie. And of course it wouldn’t be Easter without Mini Eggs, so although we probably ended up eating way more than what we actually displayed, they did play a vital role in our tabletop design. Our Lavender Lemonade Mimosas were the featured drink, since that's really where the whole Easter brunch idea began and I think we can all agree that no brunch is complete without a champagne cocktail.


Last but not least, we knew we wanted to incorporate florals in some way, and instead of opting for traditional bouquets, we decided to scatter roses and carnations in shades of pink and white across the table, accented with a couple of potted plants for additional greenery. The effect was exactly what we were going for, with it feeling quite garden-like, and perfect for a spring theme.

Menu Design // Alex Perlin