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Telling stories, chasing daydreams and making magic

I’m a dreamer, and though I may have an idea in my head and the ability to envision exactly how I want the finished product to take shape, it can sometimes be challenging to communicate that with others. I’ve found that sharing my creative process right off the bat allows us to be on the same page and sets expectations, not only for the final outcome, but also throughout the project. Want to see it in action? Take a peek at the process applied to a styling project.


For every project I take on, I tend to follow a specific creative process, and though the details may vary slightly, I’ve narrowed it down to a certain sequence, from inspiration to implementation. Though the creative process is often a little messy (and I mean that in the best possible way – think beautiful chaos), I do find that the best results come from having a little structure, and it especially helps in the case of collaborations and client projects.



This is the part where we dig a little deeper and find out what the essence of your brand or your project is, what makes you tick. I want to know what you stand for, what sets you apart, what values you hold, and ultimately, the story that is driving the campaign, style or concept. It’s that essence that we want to capture and share. This is essentially the “research” phase. Listening to what you have to say, asking the right questions, and then determining how we can add a fresh perspective to it, with that coveted je ne sais quoi that makes someone look twice.



chase the dream

Now it’s time to get a little dreamy, while remaining true to you and your brand. This is all about inspiration gathering, brainstorming creative themes, and looking for how we’ll capture that juxtaposition of style and function: the unexpected twist that catches your eye and causes you to look twice. This is the phase where we get a little messy, dream big and allow our imagination to run wild. No idea is too big or crazy, and it’s all about getting those down on paper, and finding inspiration that ties into the overall theme. There are lots of post-it notes and digital lists made during this phase, because you never know when an idea may hit.



This is about creating the entire experience and actually executing the vision, which takes an attention to detail and a love of layers. Whereas in the previous phase we went broad and started to come up with the big ideas, this is where we narrow back in and pinpoint those magical details that will really bring a project to life and set it apart.




Whatever the final product, I want to make sure the end result is highly visual, inspirational and dynamic. It circles back to the first stage, because ultimately, now we’re sharing that story we came up with, and I believe that should be done in an interesting way. There are so many different forms this final package may take – blog post, website content, social media posts – which obviously we keep in mind, but regardless, we want it to dazzle.