I'd like to introduce you to a new little blog series I've decided to add to Bicyclette's roster: Working Girl. 

With the shop officially closing its Queen West doors, it goes without saying that there will be some changes around these parts as the Bicyclette brand moves away from the retail world.

Though I'm not completely sure what all those changes are going to be exactly, I have alluded to the fact that Bicyclette will continue as a lifestyle brand online, with the primary touchpoint being the blog, and though the content may shift slightly, the style will remain true to the Bicyclette you know and love.

I've been doing a lot of brainstorming recently and have a lot of lists on the go, and one topic that I keep thinking of ideas for is related to being an entrepreneur and building/maintaining a brand in an online environment. Work is an important part of my life, whether it's running Bicyclette Boutique or working on freelance styling, consulting or whatever else comes along, and I wanted to incorporate that into this "new" version of the blog a little more, with a focus on being an entrepreneur and running your own business. I'm constantly on the lookout for these kinds of articles as a reader, always learning new tips on working effectively, being introduced to new apps to streamline productivity, and finding how-to's that allow me to expand my skill set, and as I've been making my own notes and determining how to best apply these practices to my business, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to build out a new series as well. And that's the story of how Working Girl came to be.

I know this is bit of a divergence from the usual Bicyclette content, but I'm hoping it will cover some interesting information that appeals to you, and that you might even learn a little something along the way. I'd also love to hear any ideas you have and topics you'd like to see covered, and like I mentioned, I have a whole list of potential blog titles, so I'm excited to get started!