Wildfox Spring 2015 // She's A Gypsy

GYPSY_7 Gypsy-inspired with a touch of Wes Anderson fantasy, the Wildfox Spring 2015 lookbook is nothing short of magical, with a sense of freedom and wild abandon that has us yearning to run away and embark on an adventure, preferably one that involves a landscape as beautiful as the backdrop to this shoot.

One thing that I always love about the Wildfox lookbooks is their production value, how every little detail is thought through, creating a world for the viewer to escape into. It's not really about the clothes, it's about telling a story, about curating every little detail to draw you in and make you feel like you're part of it. There's always that element of fantasy, the offer of an escape. It's what the brand is all about and why so many of us have fallen in love with their pieces. We want to be one of the Wildfox girls, the "dreamers, lovers and barefoot explorers".

Wildfox designer and creative visionary Kimberley Gordon tells us about the inspiration behind the collection and the shoot on her blog:

What is the inspiration of this new collection? 

This past year was quite a turbulent one for me, and it seems maybe for the world also! I think I had this overall feeling of wanting to escape and live off the land, I visualized a group of girls with a whole lot of passion and fearlessness and absolutely nothing to lose. They would beg, borrow, steal their way through countries, hypnotizing boys and working odd jobs to make a little money. Their lives were only for each other and themselves, there was a freedom in the collection, a way for me to feel it along with them even though I worked harder than ever to bring it to life!

Who are your ideal muses for this collection (from any era)?

When I was 23 I would go to tons of festivals, really hippy ones, and I made these fleeting friendships that were fast but have been so important to me in my lifetime. These girls were so free, one was a nudist and she had beautiful long blonde hair and we did lots of body painting on people together, one was this fantastic artist who wore just thrown together scraps of printed clothing she'd collected along her life path, she had natural dreadlocks that formed under her hair and she wore them in a bun. Another was an Indian belly dancer at Burning Man, a dancer by night but an engineer by day… she was bold and beautiful without a touch of makeup, but she wore great coal liner when she danced, two opposite identities at peace with each other.

What made you identify with and/or choose this concept? 

There is something so carefree about your early 20s, and I just missed this feeling of electricity, about being able to run off at the last minute, quit your job and not look back… or just take a risk with something big, your 30's you carry evidence of your 20s… like beautiful, luxurious baggage, I love my baggage and I wanted to give a nod to it with this collection.

If you could sum up the Spring 15 collection in one word, song, or destination what would it be?  

Honestly Shakira's "I'm a Gypsy" while I was driving on a road trip was what sparked the whole thing, which is silly but I friggin love that song.

Provide three adjectives that best describe Spring 15: 

Free, spiritual, bold.