Take a Walk on the Wild Side

One of the things I love most about personal style is the opportunity to play dress up, to channel a character through an outfit, even if that's just a version of yourself. Sure, there's the functional aspect of clothing, but what I fell in love with years ago was the power of fashion for self-expression.

There are certain pieces in my closet that this is especially true for, with this leopard print coat being one of them. I've never been able to come to a definitive decision on how I feel about leopard print, and I think there are a lot of cases where it's just a big "no". It's one of those prints that becomes tacky really quickly. Instead, I've always loved a dash of the print mixed with a floral dress or a pair of simple leopard print flats  with a classic striped shirt and dark denim. Small doses, I think that's the key.

But in the case of this coat, it's all about embracing the print. Every time I slip it on, I can't help but feel like I'm channeling a version of my future (slightly eccentric) old lady self. It's definitely a statement, but layered over my uniform of black jeans and a tee, it added a little glamour to an afternoon of errand running.