So This is What a Vacation Looks Like

The beauty of waiting to post a travel diary until a month and half after the trip itself (oops!) is that you get to relive the moments once again. And really, isn't that the reason we capture photographs in the first place? 

I have a hard time defining the lines between work and play at times, which I suppose is both a blessing and a curse of working for yourself. So when it comes time for an actual vacation, my immediate tendency is to bring along my computer and a to do list of things that I'd still like to accomplish while away. Sure, it may not be nearly as long or as intense as during a regular work week, but I still have every intention to get work done.

When we left for the Bahamas at the beginning of April, my mindset was no different, especially with a website to launch that was already behind schedule, and a few client projects kicking off upon my return. I figured I'd tackle a little bit every day and still feel like I was being productive.

But then something changed. Once we were settled in, it hit me how much I really needed the downtime, how much I needed to indulge in a truly relaxing vacation and just enjoy the time there. So I decided to abandon the to do list, as there was nothing that couldn't wait until I got back, to barely check my email and to avoid my computer and even my phone except for a quick check-in here and there to ensure that yes, the world continued to turn without me. 

So I'm pleased to report that though I didn't accomplish much on our Bahamas vacation last month in the traditional sense, I did read five books, spend every moment possible soaking up the sunshine (with a high SPF applied, don't worry), with my toes in the sand and the sound of the ocean in my ears. We explored the island from one side to the other, top down and wind in our hair, hunting down pink walls and stopping when something caught our eye. We ate and drank well, we fell asleep when we felt tired and woke up without the help of an alarm. 

And that, I believe, is one version of a perfect vacation. 

Lack of Color Pink Hat // Wildfox Sweater // Pastel Blonde Gradient Tee // Lovers + Friends Skirt (Revolve Clothing) // Beach Towel

Photos // Jason Matos