Toronto Neighbourhood Tour // The Junction


After deciding to move in together, my boyfriend and I checked out different places all over the city from east to west. We found the perfect pad for us in The Junction, a neighbourhood I didn't know much about prior. We decided to take it and a new adventure began in discovering what is now one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city!

It's been over a year and half and I'm absolutely smitten with my new neighbourhood. Far enough to feel like a unique pocket but close enough to get downtown in 20 minutes on my bicycle. Like any neighbourhood in Toronto, it's much more lively in the spring and summer months so for the past few weeks it's been great to stroll the streets and visit all my favourite spots again.

It's always a goal at the shop to discover new parts of the city and act like a tourist in our home town so I decided to dress up in my favourite new pieces from Bicyclette and take you all on a tour of my favourite Junction gems.

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The Good Neighbour // It's very important to start your day off on the right foot so when you first arrive you want to hit 'The Good Neighbour' for the best brew, just off the strip. Tucked away in a mostly residential part of The Junction, this local hot spot is always full of adorable young families, hard working artist types and neighbourhood friends. I'd suggest indulging in their amazing sweet potato walnut muffin or a classic almond croissant with a killer americano. The best part of this place is their great side patio that is great on a hot day!

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Bunners Bakery // If you haven't heard of or been to Bunner's you have really been missing out! This is a completely Vegan & Gluten Free Bakery and makes my favourite cinnamon bun ever. If you need a mid afternoon sugar high I'd suggest heading over and trying something sweet.

[outfit: Wild Vine Kimono]

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The Beet // If you are up for a delicious brunch I'd suggest heading over to The Beet for some organic brunch.The best thing about the Junction is definitely the food so I had a hard time deciding where to take you to brunch but as a vegetarian I am very happy to have this spot so close. They serve both vegetarian and and non vegetarian options but everything is organic and locally grown.

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[outfit: Garden State Skirt and 'Hooray' Tote]

Haveli Home // For a little afternoon inspiration you should check out the beautiful Haveli Home. The owner, David Anderson, travels to india and collects colourful fabrics and brings them back to sell and uphouslter his furniture. I bought a bright chair for my apartment here last month and have since been addicted to strolling the shop and looking at all the beautiful textiles. 

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Indie Ale House // Indie Ale House was the first place I heard of when I moved to The Junction and quickly became my favourite restaurant and bar on the strip. With an in house brewery, they serve up some unique and delicious beers. I'd suggest trying out their sample rack to get a little variety and decide which of their daily brews is your favourite. The best part is you can visit their retail store and pick up a cool growler full of beer to drink at your next BBQ. The growlers are great to use around the house afterwards too, I have some fresh flowers in mine on my table!

[outfit: Flower Bomb Cami and Sweet Surrender Pastel Blazer]

I hope this tour was helpful and that you all take the time to grab your bikes and a take a little day trip to check out The Junction this summer.


[photos: Jason Matos]