Whether you're hitting the red carpets, going out for dinner, celebrity stalking or just catching a film, TIFF is the time when you dress to impress. There are people flooding into the city from all over to one of the most renown film festivals in the world, and it's all happening on our doorsteps. If you're not a celebrity and don't have millions to blow on outfits, it can be a stressful time to come up with the perfect look to show off your suave as well as your personality. The restaurants and streets are packed full of particularly familiar faces so you don't want to be caught off guard if you are the lucky someone who is waiting in line for the bathroom and Ryan Gosling is behind you.

We also believe that it's an important time to show the world a little more about what Toronto's all about in terms of parties, restaurants and shopping. We always like to dress local and represent either our favourite designer or boutique. It's the perfect time to shop for a few key pieces as well because stores are stocked with their best fall items that can transition you into the next season and right into the holidays. Bicyclette is currently packed with great statement dresses that you can rock all week long with the right shoes and accessories, so come in and have fun discovering what you TIFF style is. Our favourite look is a structured dress, like one below, with a bold statement necklace and a more casual hat like a beanie, toque or bowler hat. This way you look dressed up and classy but with a touch of young edge that adds some serious personality. Our advice- have fun and don't worry too much about "getting it right." Being you is more important than anything else.