Think Pink

All it takes is one quick scroll through my Instagram feed to realize that my love for the colour pink runs pretty deep. The truth is, it hasn't always been this way. I had the obligatory childhood obsession with the rosy hue, sure, but then there were many years where I doubt I owned a stitch of pink, opting instead for anything that supported my wannabe surfer girl status (#bluecrushforever).

Oddly enough though, as I've gotten older I've reverted back to that childhood love. Though I've been embracing a version of a capsule wardrobe recently that is largely founded upon a selection of black, white and grey, many of my favourite pieces of clothing are pink, and it's probably the section in my closet that's the widest, following the combined span of my beloved blacks and whites, of course.

My overall style definitely leans towards the feminine, and there's nothing I love more than an understated basic in a beautiful silhouette or subtle texture mixed with a sparkly detail or — you guessed it — a pop of pink. I can't really describe it, the colour just makes me happy, and though I don't discriminate when it comes to the shade itself, I definitely have a soft spot for that perfect shade of bright pastel pink.

Which brings me to today's outfit. If you've seen me recently, chances are you've caught me in a version of this outfit, as it's pretty much been my uniform as of late. The jacket epitomizes that perfect pink, the zippers add that little bit of edge that I so love, and the black denim and grey sweater mix is one that I could (and do) live in. Add in a pair of vintage sparkly earrings, sunnies to hide behind and black suede booties, and I'm set. 

There's a certain power in finding that perfect style mix and really owning it. Because though I love my pinks, I also challenge myself to not let the palette air too much on the sweet or soft side, instead craving a way to make it a little more me by juxtaposing it with the blacks and edgier details. You'll see that in my branding and also in my personal style, and it's the best feeling when I'm able to hit on that mix in just the right way. Because though there are many different styles that I appreciate, if I try to shy away from my own style because I'm chasing one that's not quite me, that doesn't really work either.

I've been finding that this feeling has been mirrored in my work recently as well — trying to get clear on where my specific expertise and style lies and really owning that instead of spreading myself too thin trying to do all the things, which usually backfires and leaves me with a feeling of inadequacy more than anything else. That I completely missed the mark because I didn't really know what I was aiming for. It also comes into play when it comes to getting clear on what makes you, you, which is something that has taken me awhile to learn.

So here's my challenge to you: find your style and own it, no hesitations, no apologies. Whether that's whimsical and dreamy, clean, edgy and minimal, or bright and boldly vibrant, spend some time exploring that and finding the details that will help you bring that to life and leave you with a style that is quintessentially you. 

And if you need me, just look for the unapologetic pink coat. 

Zara Pink Jacket // Aritzia Sweater // Vintage Earrings

Photos // Jason Matos