Over the past few months, we've dropped a number of hints and have been talking about a redesign for the Bicyclette website and blog. This means a lot of new additions and changes for us online. We've decided to reintroduce the Bicyclette Girls, who we first dreamt up last year and showcased in our first short film.

The Bicyclette Girls are a way for us identify with our customers and offer them a variety of pieces that cater to their unique personalities and styles. We're always focused on telling a story, whether through a collection, an outfit, a photoshoot or a window display, and this is another way for us to do just that.

So without further ado, allow us to introduce you to our Bicyclette Girls - Chloe, Alice, Lola and Phoenix - and share a little of our style inspiration behind each personality.

"Chloe is our dreamer, with her head in the clouds and a penchant for all things feminine, whimsical, and vintage-inspired. She has a wild imagination and believes it’s important to let the fairy tales of life sweep her away. She falls in love easily, and possesses a curiosity and positivity that is refreshing.  Her closet is full of ivory and lace and she loves any excuse to dress up. 

She dreams of exploring the streets of Paris, discovering hidden gems, sipping a glass of wine on a café patio in the City of Romance."





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"Alice has a classic femininity to her style and a sophisticated, uptown look – think Old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist. She’s cultured, social and savvy and holds her friends and late night sushi closest to her heart. Stripes and polka dots are staple prints in her wardrobe, and she always leaves the house wearing at least one piece of signature jewellery.

 Alice feels most at home on the bustling streets of NYC, knowing exactly where to find the necessary details for a rooftop dinner party." 





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"Lola is our world traveler, with an eclectic sense of style, bohemian edge, and a bold personality. She embraces bright colours, patterns and texture, and each piece in her wardrobe tells a story. Striving to live life to the fullest, Lola travels as much as she can, collecting memories and treasures that weave together the details of her adventures and fuel her artistic projects.

 When she’s homebound she is happiest exploring her own city, catching live shows and hosting impromptu picnics in the park."





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"Phoenix is our downtown girl with rock n’ roll sensibilities. She’s the girl you can’t take your eyes off of, the one who effortlessly rocks denim cutoffs with a vintage tee and a statement necklace, exuding that mysterious je ne sais quoi. Drawn to unexpected details, she’s mastered the art of style juxtaposition, mixing staple leather pieces with touches of feminine lace, or her LBD with motorcycle boots.

An explorer of the city after dark, she is always up for an adventure and never needs an excuse to pop a bottle of expensive champagne."





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