Take Me Out // Visit Your Favourite Florist


Hello lovelies! Welcome to ‘Take Me Out’, a new blog series collaboration between Random Acts of Pastel and Bicyclette, where I take my favourite Bicyclette pieces on adventures, and bring you along!

Though Spring is technically here, and the snow is finally starting to melt, it will still be a long time before us Toronto dwellers really get to see the results. It will still be at least a month until we can go out on picnic dates, sip craft beer on patios, and stop to smell the flowers blooming all around the city in everyone’s gardens. Luckily, while we wait, we can visit the florist.




There are so many incredibly talented florists all over the city, but my personal favourite is Coriander Girl. A sweet little shop located at the edge of the Parkdale strip, Coriander Girl is a pastel wonderland full of fresh, fragrant blooms and charming treasures. Opened by Alison Westlake in 2009, Coriander Girl sells a wonderful mix of stationary, local craft, antiques hand picked by Alison, and flowers of course! My favourite part? Alison’s team includes a wonderful florist names Tellie Hunt, an adorable shop pup named Olive, and a shop bunny named Harry, which means stopping into this bright little space is almost like walking into a Disney movie!






The first time I visited Coriander Girl was about two years ago now. Emmett and I had just started dating, and after peering into the window for ages we finally decided to go inside and treat ourselves to a bouquet. Alison was so incredibly sweet and kind, and we left with little sachets of lavender, a perfect bundle of local blooms, and warmth in our hearts. After that, I was hooked, and I’ve been known to get a Coriander Girl Bouquet for every occasion I can dream up (Christmas pastel was my personal favourite!) Most recently, the only occasion I’ve needed has been “I’m sick of winter so I need fresh flowers”.






I stopped into the Coriander shop in desperate need of some Spring blooms, and as usual, Alison did not disappoint. The whole store smelled like sweet flowers and honey, and the sunlight was pouring in through the dried bouquets hanging in the front window, casting gorgeous shadows all around the room. Obviously I needed a special outfit for this floral occasion, so I pulled together some favourites from my Bicyclette closet. I opted for the prettiest, vintage inspired dress I could find in the shop: a blush number with a sweetheart neckline adorned with floral lace. On top, I added a loose cream kimono with a crochet trim, a wide brimmed black felt hat, and some tiny floral and pearl accents.





Together, Alison and I picked out some incredible fresh flowers, then she went off to work her magic while I shopped for Rifle Paper Co. Cards and beeswax candles.

Quick as can be, she grabbed some greenery and a little vintage glass jar, loading it up with the flowers we’d chosen in the prettiest way. The little bouquet came out looking like a fresh handful of flowers from a Spring garden, and smelled so heavenly I wished I could bottle the scent!




Once again, Alison amazed me with her talent for florals and her incredibly warm and friendly energy (and really, how cute is she with her little baby bump! Isn’t she just glowing?) I left the shop with my handful of spring and a big smile on my face: Alison’s magical indoor garden had instantly warmed up my frozen winter heart.


[Photos by Brianne Burnell]