Take Me Out // Penpals and Pajamas

Hello lovelies! Welcome to ‘Take Me Out’, a new blog series collaboration between Random Acts of Pastel and Bicyclette, where I take my favourite Bicyclette pieces on adventures, and bring you along!

Is is just me, or does this winter feel like the longest winter ever? Personally, I’m starting to worry that the White Witch has risen from the dead, left Narnia, and taken over Toronto. Though the cold can be beautiful, it also gets a little bit tiring, and at this point I’m having a hard time going out anywhere because it’s just so cold. That’s why in this week’s edition of Take Me Out, I’m only popping out for a minute to the post box!

The worst thing about long winters is their ability to drive people apart. While in the summer you might see friends and family weekly, the winter can keep you home and alone, the perfect target for a case of the winter blues. But what cures the winter blues? Mail of course! I love receiving mail so much that I carefully listen for the Canada Post truck to pull up on my quiet street every day. There’s just something so warm and tingly about plucking a package or a letter from your mailbox and rushing inside to open it. Perhaps that’s why I am so intent on having pen pals.




When I was in school, I met a lot of exchange students, or made friends who just moved after after graduation, so I’m very lucky to have a delightful handful of penpals all over the world. Though I know I could text, call, or message, it feels so much more special to put together a letter with some magical surprises and spend the extra dollar for a stamp. It also gives me a reason to feed my stationary addiction! My current favourite set is Girl Guide Cookie themed; I mean really, has there ever been anything more perfect?

I’ve gotten pretty behind on my letter writing recently, so one chilly Tuesday I got to work. I decided to stay in pajamas, because there is nothing in the world more comfy than Wildfox’s super soft PJ’s, and because, well, why not! I gathered all my supplies on a breakfast tray and hung out on the couch, penning my news, questions, and daydreams. When I finished writing I loaded each envelope up with goodies. Some things you might want to include are:   penpals5



*Sequins *Confetti *Origami Creations *Glitter *Stickers *Small crafts or gifts

With the envelopes filled to the brim with magical surprises, I put on my coat and walked to the closest post-box. I think the fur coat plus PJs look is strangely classic… or maybe I just love Carrie Bradshaw and if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!



I paired my Wildfox Dreamer Sleepshirt with a pair of floral leggings, black cashmere socks, loafers, my favourite fluffy teddy bear faux fur coat, and a Plush Polka Dot Pom Pom Hat, and slid my way there on the icy sidewalks. I wouldn’t necessarily wear this combo out to dinner, but for a cozy day spent mostly at home, it was perfect!

Are you suffering from a case of the winter blues? Why not write a letter to someone you love this week!

[photos: Brianne Burnell]