Take Me Out // Spring Treats at Bobbette and Belle

Hello lovelies! Welcome to ‘Take Me Out’, a new blog series collaboration between Random Acts of Pastel and Bicyclette, where I take my favourite Bicyclette pieces on adventures, and bring you along!

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was taking you lovelies out to The Kitten and The Bear for Valentine’s day, and now suddenly Easter is here! Naturally I love Easter, as it’s by-far the most pastel holiday, and it gives me an excuse to eat even more chocolate than usual! For this week’s edition of Take Me Out, I wanted to go somewhere extra sweet and Springy, but where?


I like to think I’ve been almost everywhere cute in Toronto, but the truth is there are so many amazing little gems hidden away that I have yet to even cross my radar. This city is massive, and with new shops and cafes constantly popping up, there’s always room for new favourites on my list. Especially when those new favourites serve delightful pastries and make incredible cakes like Bobbette and Belle.




Getting to Bobbette and Belle is a bit of a trek for me, as I live in the West end and it’s located in Leslieville, but it’s definitely worth the adventure! A spacious bakeshop specializing in intricate wedding cakes, this spot is light, bright, and oh so cozy. On top of the wedding cakes they’re so famous for, Bobbette and Belle also carries Sloane tea (one of my absolute favourite local brands), and makes cupcakes and macarons that some say are the best in the city!




I headed to Bobbette and Belle on a warm Monday morning in search of a cure for the back-to-work blues, and found so much more than I’d bargained for. Kitchen supplies in antique frames hung on the walls, and a set of shelves by the counter was brimming with delightful take-home offerings like caramel popcorn, handmade marshmallows, and pastel cake stands. Comfortable couches covered in pillows make of old sugar sacks were perfectly placed amongst reclaimed wood tables and bouquets of flowers, and the whole shop smelled sweet and fresh. But most impressive part of the whole setup of course, was the wedding cakes. Delicate ruffles, life-life flowers and ombre icing covered these towering beauties; I honestly don’t know how anyone could ever cut one up and eat it!




In the spirit of Easter (and fancy cakes), I decked myself out in pretty pastels from head to toe for my Bobbette and Belle date. I eagerly pulled a charming textured white floral dress from the Bicyclette racks, and paired it with a big sparkly lilac statement necklace, daisy print socks, a pair of vintage Ferragamos, and my personal favourite touch, one of Jordan de Ruiter’s gorgeous flower crowns!





Dressed like a princess, I devoured tea-flavoured macarons (my favourite was Chocolate Mint!) and a darling fruit tart for breakfast. Sipping hot apple cider by the window, I flipped through wedding magazines and found myself daydreaming about what fairytales the future might hold. It was the perfect Monday escape, and I left refreshed and ready to tackle my day, and get my plans organized for Easter Brunch this weekend!

[Photos by Brianne Burnell]