Take Me Out // Bake Shoppe

DSC_0012 Remember when Bicyclette and I did that fun little event over the summer, the Pastel Pool Party? Well, you know that super amazing incredible cake that exploded confetti when we cut the first slice? That was the impressive handiwork of one of our favourite local spots, The Wedding Cake Shoppe.


I have been a huge fan of The Wedding Cake Shoppe since, well, forever, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear they were transforming their adorable little cake shop on college into a cafe with all sorts of goodies above and beyond cupcakes and cakes. Officially called "Bake Shoppe", the new space's Instagram feed promised honeycomb sugar cookies that were almost too cute to be real, pastel chocolates, and all sorts of goodies, so my standards were pretty high when I walked through the door, but nothing could've prepared me for the yumminess that awaited!


Okay so if you have a sweet tooth, you need to check this place out. They've got hot chocolate infused with real fresh mint and topped with a toasted chai tea marshmallow. They've got rice crispy squares made with ruffles chips for that perfect sweet and salty taste combo.They've even got s'mores that they toast on demand! My personal favourite item on the menu though is the home made pop tarts- made with Kitten and the Bear jam, they're absolutely delightful!

For my visit to Bake Shoppe, I put together a bright fun outfit that perfectly matched their edgy decor. I paired a hot pink crop top with a black Party Skirt, an iridescent statement necklace, and a fluffy white jacket that just arrived at the shop. It was cozy and cute, and I looked like I should be hung on the wall beside their neon "Baked" sign.


Whether you're looking for a fun spot to crab a coffee, or a brownie so rich and sweet it's actually impossible to devour it in one sitting, stop by the Bake Shoppe and prepare to be amazed!

Photos by Brianne Burnell