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You know when you let something go a little too long without attending to it — an email reply, returning a dress that looked way better in the window than on you, that sort of thing? At a certain point, it just becomes kind of awkward to deal with it and it feels like it might be better to leave it alone. Otherwise you find yourself making excuses and launching into longwinded explanations in an attempt to remedy the situation. But emails are left unreturned and dresses hang forgotten in the closet, tags still attached, after all — it happens.

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What makes you, you? Thoughts on Finding Your Brand Magic

Every so often, I go through these cycles of inner negativity, often following a particularly busy period. I felt like I was off my game, uninspired and lacking creative motivation. When these periods hit, I struggle to produce the high quality of work that I hold myself too, and I start to beat myself up over it. 

The feelings of self-doubt and comparison settle in, and it feels like an impossible task to try to pull myself out of it.

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Lessons Learned // Reflecting on 2016

Even though I was already bursting with ideas and eager to dive into the dreaming and planning stages, we started by looking back on the past year to identify what Studio Bicyclette had accomplished, using that as a jumping off point to then start brainstorm action items, goals and next steps for this coming year. There was a natural progression between what had been accomplished in 2016 and what I had started to lay out for my 2017, which is always a good sign that I’m on the right track.

But it felt like there was one thing that was missing — a more personal introspection piece about what I learned, which is why we’re here today — to summarize what I learned about myself as a creative and as Studio Bicyclette as a business.

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Today's post is a little more personal, but touches on a subject that is very near and dear to our hearts. I've lived in the West Queen West area for about six and a half years now, and with the three year anniversary of the shop approaching next month (oh, how time flies!), I've been reflecting a lot on everything Bicyclette has accomplished and everything that's still to come.

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