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Dreaming vs. Doing

This positive aspect to dreaming is at the core of the Studio Bicyclette brand. I believe that letting your imagination run wild and dreaming big is essential to running a creative business, to finding the inspiration that propels you forward and coming up with those ideas that light you up.

But there also comes a time when you need to set aside the dreams and focus on the “doing”. Because let’s be honest, as much fun as the dreaming part is — the brainstorming sessions, the inspiration gathering, the research, the note taking, the planning — it only takes you so far before you need to get into the actual work. 

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Lessons Learned // Reflecting on 2016

Even though I was already bursting with ideas and eager to dive into the dreaming and planning stages, we started by looking back on the past year to identify what Studio Bicyclette had accomplished, using that as a jumping off point to then start brainstorm action items, goals and next steps for this coming year. There was a natural progression between what had been accomplished in 2016 and what I had started to lay out for my 2017, which is always a good sign that I’m on the right track.

But it felt like there was one thing that was missing — a more personal introspection piece about what I learned, which is why we’re here today — to summarize what I learned about myself as a creative and as Studio Bicyclette as a business.

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