Social Media Workshop // Who's Interested?


I have an idea that I wanted to get some feedback on. I recently had someone suggest that we host a workshop on social media, and I'm curious if this is something that people would be interested in attending? I'm still in the beginning stages of brainstorming, but what I'm thinking is that we'd go over the various social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest), how to optimize content (including sizing guidelines, etc), and what the pros and cons of each are; the process of taking photos on your phone (including editing and captioning); tools and tricks; telling stories and building a lifestyle brand through photos. We could also touch on a few blogging basics if that's something that would be of interest as well. And that's just the beginning. I'm completely open to ideas and feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on it. I'm thinking we'd keep it to a fairly small group and stick to a 2-hour evening workshop, keeping it relaxed and open to lots of discussion and questions.

So, any interest? Let me know in a comment here, or on Facebook or Twitter!