Playing the Midfield


Even though it feels like we've been planning summer outfits for months now, as soon as the warm weather hits, I always experience a little bit of a style identity crisis, forgetting how to dress for the higher temperatures and without the layers that have become such a necessity. Working in the fashion industry also leaves you a little jaded I find, as you're constantly immersed in at least two different seasons, attending buying appointments for collections six months ahead and thus geared towards a completely different climate, and receiving current season merchandise at the shop. Needless to say, sometimes I feel like I've lost my own sense of personal style, and so I've decided to change that.

I'm always a fan of dresses for their styling ease and insta-pretty effect, but recently we've also seen an infusion of amazing skirt styles to the Bicyclette racks, and we can't get enough of all the different options. Personally, I've found myself drawn towards midi styles recently, which I find suit my busy day-to-day schedule and need for something comfortable but that still feels put-together. Often highwaisted, these styles are perfect paired with a lace crop top or a printed tee tucked in loosely, which has become my personal favourite styling recipe these days. My collection of tees is slightly out of hand, so I'm always looking for new ways to style them that goes beyond the classic jeans-and-tee combo, and I've always loved pairing pieces that are a little unexpected together.

So with the intention to get back into the summer styling game and have a little fun with it, I pulled out a few of my favourite samples from the new deliveries we're receiving this week, put together an outfit that I would definitely wear for a hot summer's day or a casual evening date for ice cream sandwiches (which, coincidentally, is exactly where we headed - Bang Bang on Ossington has seriously won me over this past week!). I absolutely love this skirt, which comes in white and black and could be worn in so many different ways, dressed up or down, and is definitely going to be a summer staple this season.

Sometimes you just need a good excuse to dress up, don't you think?

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[photos: Jason Matos]