The Perfect First Date Outfit


So you’ve decided that you’re ready for the first date with someone new, and it’s been settled that you’ll be meeting at the neighbourhood coffee shop. Which only leaves one more question: What do you wear?

You want to make a good first impression, show off your personality and sense of style, and catch their eye for all the right reasons. A coffee date is a casual affair, so it’s important to remember that and keep it fairly simple for this first-time meeting. Above all, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable and confident in whatever you choose.


For our perfect coffee date outfit, we started with a classic pair of jeans. We’re all about having fun with fashion and bold style choices, but this is probably not the time to show off your latest pair of floral print denim or perfectly slouchy, distressed boyfriend jeans. Choose a pair that flatters your body type and stick to something a little more simple. You want to make an impression with your stunning personality, not because your outfit is demanding all the attention.


We chose to play around with some layering on top, opting for styles that are still casual but also bring in a feminine element. We were looking for something that didn’t feel like it belonged in an office, so this Free People Plaid Buttondown was the perfect choice. The sprinkling of delicate sequins juxtaposes the classic flannel style and adds a little sparkle that just peeks out under the sweater. On top of that, we layered the Free People Magic Rose Sweater which is a great piece for the season with it’s cozy knit body and cotton sleeves. We wanted to make sure we were choosing pieces that were flattering, and this piece worked well with the shorter length that lends itself well to layering. The rose pattern on the front is unique without being overbearing, and the pairing overall gives off a casual but stylish vibe.


To top it all off, we added a vintage-inspired necklace that sits perfectly on top of the blouse. Accessories are the perfect way to pull together an outfit and showcase your style and can also be great conversation starter. Have fun with them and choose pieces that tell a story and that you can make your own.


[photos by Jason Matos // original Lavalife article]