Monday Muse // Pajama Chic


With still no end in sight to this frigid, icy winter, we have found ourselves singing the winter blues. Instead of hiding under the covers though, we've decided to bring the covers with us and make today as cozy as possible, taking style inspiration from the 'pajama chic' trend. This Pajama Monday we take sleep wear inspiration from Marc Jacob's Fall 2013 collection and Wildfox's pajama wear.

 As a child, I found my favourite school day to be 'pajama day'. So what ever happened to this magnificent day? Why did grown ups kick this ingenious festivity to the curb? We suggest you dig deep in your comfy drawer and resurface those soft, slouchy fabrics and add them to your wardrobe immediately. Wear them as a cute slouchy uniform and have fun with different patterns, colours and fabric styles.

If you don't have any in your wardrobe your in luck, the new Wildfox pajamas have just arrived at Bicyclette. Throw on the Wildfox Dreamer Sleepshirt or the Wildfox Up All Night Cami Set and you'll be ready for both the day and the night. Be sure to get yours before they're all out, as you won't be the only one wanting a cozy, chic pajama set to wear out today.