Last weekend, part of the Bicyclette Team - Ana, Alex and Paige - headed to Osheaga to take in the music and capture the best festival fashion. We had to get a little creative with our equipment due to restrictions on what can be carried into the park and our lack of media pass, so we packed up a few GoPros and set off recording the weekend, with Jason Matos as our director/videographer. We wanted to capture the overall experience of the weekend, as well as talk to some festival-goers about what they were wearing, who they were most excited to see, and what their inspiration was.

Here's a little preview of what you can expect to see over the course of this week, as we release the three videos in our Osheaga mini-series and give you a glimpse at what happens when we take Bicyclette on the road.

[Bicyclette Boutique + Osheaga 2013: Trailer]

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