We are so pleased to officially release our first Osheaga 2013 Festival Style video! Ana, Alex and Paige spent the weekend hunting down stylish festival goers to chat to, asking them questions related to the music and fashion in general, while Jason directed and filmed and captured all the magic on video.

It was fun to have the chance to talk to so many lovely ladies and see a variety of styles represented throughout the weekend, playing on various trends and giving us lots of style inspiration. At any music event we always find that there's an abundance of unique personal style, and Osheaga was no different, really showcasing everyone's personalities and reminding us that fashion is really about personal expression, and at the heart of it, is meant to be fun. A simple idea, and one that Bicyclette has always stood by.

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 A few things that stood out to us were the importance of accessories (something we always like to pay attention to - it's all in the details!), and we were happy to see that floral crowns were still a go-to festival essential, and a lot of girls had DIY'd their own versions. We noticed that a lot of pairs and groups tended to wear coordinating outfits, likely as a result of raiding each other's suitcases and getting dressed together each morning, which is really what a trip with your best friends is all about, right? We were definitely guilty (and proud) of this too, as it makes the experience that much more fun. We also saw a lot of denim and lace incorporated into girls' outfits, with a definite bohemian and vintage-inspired vibe, and no shortage of prints - florals and beyond.

And another highlight for us? Running into some Bicyclette friends and favourite customers at the festival - hi, Sara and Alex!

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