The moto jacket, whether leather or mixed material, is one of our most worn and frequently styled items at this time of year, making it a seasonal staple. It's definitely fun to indulge in a few spontaneous trend items that may not be the most "responsible" additions to your wardrobe, but once in a while, getting smart and investing in some solid classics is just the way to go. Seeing as we're Canadian-based, at a certain point in the year a jacket becomes a necessity, and since it's a piece that's worn on a daily basis, it makes sense to invest in something that you're going to love. Black is almost always the way to go, as it goes with almost every piece in your closet, and leaves you with a variety of styling options. Think printed scarves, bright toques, and layered textures.

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We received th BARDOT Moto Jacket and instantly fell in love with the structured moto body and leather panelled arms. We decided to put the jacket to the test and size it up next to four of our favourite outfits for fall, playing with a few trends and inspired by street style shots that we've had collected. We found that whether you are wearing it casually or throwing it on over your favourite dress for an evening out, this jacket looks and feels great.