Monday Muse // The Daybook


This Monday we're inspired by the visionary, girl-next-door blogger Sydney Poulton. Sydney shares her daily stories behind her life, loves and outfits on her journal-style blog The Daybook. If you love fairytales get a daily dose of happy endings when you read Sydney's entries on a little bit of everything in her life including food, trends, trips, style and her family.

Take inspiration from her simple, easy to assemble, chic looks that have stories and meanings behind them each and every time she wears them. Rejuvenate your wardrobe by giving each of your outfits a new meaning. You can wear the Maison Scotch Botanical Bomber to help welcome the new season of Spring and inspire the greenery to grow wild and free. Add an extra bit of sparkle to an over cast day with the Crystal Crush Bobbi and bring a little brightness wherever you go. Or if you have a special something you want to share but don't want to yell it at the top of your longs repeatedly for everyone to hear, buy the subtle Canvas Tote - Hooray bag and give everyone the hint that you have something to celebrate.

Sydney inspires us to cherish every moment of life and to enjoy all of our memories, both in style and life alike.