Monday Muse // Sara Rash

sara rash 2

This week's Monday Muse is blogger and hairstylist Sara Rash. The reasons why we love this Texan beauty are pretty simple: her style is a closet we wish we could raid everyday, she has gorgeous platinum blonde hair that's giving us a serious case of hair envy, and her makeup is always flawless.

Everything about her blog is inspiring, from the cute girly header, to the brightly lit photos, to the way she layers her clothes to create ingenious outfit combinations.

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sara rash 4 sara rash 5 sara rash 6 sara rash 7sara rash 14 sara rash 9 sara rash 10 sara rash 11 sara rash 12 sara rash 13sara rash 15sara rash 3This week lets take a few style tips from bohemian beauty Sara, and layer, layer, layer. I mean, it is winter so we have the prime opportunity to play with layering and we might as well take advantage! Step outside of your comfort zone and try pairing something new together.