Monday Muse // Ladies in Red


The ladies in red have won over our hearts as this week’s Monday Muse(s), with their crimson outfits compelling us into a Valentine’s Day frenzy.  With only four days left, forget about a date and get your blood bubbling by stimulating your senses with endless red outfit and accessories ideas. Red has so much potential, you can use a fire engine red or a more muted and matte classy red when building an outfit. Either way you will be turning heads, and what better day than Valentines Day to do that.

 We think on the day of love, dressing in head to toe red makes a killer outfit. Feel free to mix with all different tones of red including but not limited to crimson, burgundy and cherry. These blends of hues will give your outfit great depth and interest.

 In honour of this festive day of love, we suggest you pile on the hearts and kisses. Find an unlimited amount of xo's at Bicyclette. Bando has a great selection of heart-themed props, including the Mini Sequin Heart, the Cross My Heart Brooch and the Smooch Brooch. These accessories are all perfect to wear on the Valentine’s Day or any day you want to up the cuteness level in your outfit.