Monday Muse // Jennifer Lawrence

This Monday we find style inspiration in the second-youngest Golden Globe Best Actress winner. Jennifer Lawrence has won a spot in our hearts with her down-to-earth personality and her brilliant acting. You might recognize her from the popular action movie Hunger Games, or maybe as the blue-scaled, yellow-eyed villain Mystique in the X-Men movies. No matter what role she’s playing, Jennifer falls completely into character and always gives a winning performance.

One of her admirable traits is that when she’s off screen she doesn’t take her self to seriously and has admirable humility. She takes these same qualities and carries it into her style of dress. Jennifer’s outfits are flattering, chic and worn with ease. She makes each of her outfits work with confidence and grace. She styles her clothes in order to flatter her natural features and combines them with comfortable and chic accessories.

As a busy actress it isn’t always realistic to be dressed up all of the time. Jennifer finds a balance with casual chic dress and is able to look stylish when she's on the run. Casual chic dress includes many variables such as loose fabrics, easy assembly/wearability, and comfortable fabrics. They also layer well together and work cohesively in a whole  outfit. If you find yourself in a rush today, why not try a casual chic outfit. If you want to add a spark to your outfit try some statement nail polish. We suggest the combination of Butter London Nail Lacquer - The Full Monty, the  Free People Tulip Lace Tee and the For Love & Lemons Florence Velvet Skirt.