Monday Muse // Fashion Toast

In Rumi Neely's world a picture is worth a thousand words. Rumi Neely is the always stylish L.A blogger of Fashion Toast. Her eye-catching fashions and beautiful clothes are the founding theme of her blog, and while photos often capture her outfits they also catch her surrounding environment which share an intriguing aura. Her love for chunky heels and sleek pieces make her a perfect subject for every photo. The latest post on her blog shares Rumi's photo diary of the 2013 Paris Fashion Week. We take inspiration this Monday from Fashion Toast's leading lady and while you might not have a photographer snapping your every move you can look just as stunning with a few essential items.


The Little Black Dress // Now everyone should have one of these go to items in their wardrobe at all times. If you do not immediately leave your home and buy one as soon as possible. You will find that this garment is perfect for any emergency clothing situation. Black is a classic colour and a great slimming tool. Whether your LBD is a little more dressy or more on the casual side, it doesn't matter, the great thing is you can modify its wearability through the accessories you add to it. To dress it up, add metallic accessories, letting these glitzy items glam your dress up as needed. To dress it down, add matte accessories and even throw in some pop colours to create a bright lighter day look. Find your favourite LBD at Bicyclette, we suggest the FINDERS KEEPERS End Of The Line Dress.

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Dazzling Skirts // If you don't want to pile on the jewels but still want to stun everyone with your glitz, try switching out your shiny accessories for a brilliant skirt. Just like accessories, you can pair your skirt with soft, comfy fabrics to dress up any basic. This style is perfect for a dressy and still cozy outfit or for any chilly night out. Also keep in mind that skirts with a triangle shaped hemline are extremely flattering and give the appearance of slimmer legs. We suggest if you want all of these ideal designs in one, to try the CAMEO Lucky Me Skirt.

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The Soft Knit Sweater // As the temperature drops, you are going to have to start digging in your closets for comfy chic apparel. The best go-to items to stock your wardrobe with are soft knit sweaters. These pieces are perfect to pair with structured bottoms and keep you feeling cozy all day long. Rumi keeps her outfit looking light by wearing a light coloured knit. This helps to create a balanced look when paired with heavier dark colours and structures. To get this look try Bicyclette's WILDFOX Dreaming Of Cake Baggy Beach Jumper.

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