Monday Muse // Cocorosa

We have no hesitation saying that Chantal of Cocorosa has long been, and continues to be, one of our favourite style bloggers. She likes to indulge in a dreamy world of silky pastels, tutus, glitter and bows, but the self-described urban fairy is not afraid to pair the pretty with the rough. Since we've always described our own style as "street style meets fairy tale", we'd say that we're pretty well matched in that department. Beyond her quirky,whimsical outfit posts, her blog is always a great source of inspiration, and for anyone who loves a good fashion-focused list, Chantal's roundups - Favorite Instagramers, 6 Awesome Ways to Style Your Home With Flowers, Top 10 Fashion Blogger HomesHow To Wear Bows and Ribbons In Your Hair, etc. - have you covered.

In a blogging world that often feels a little oversaturated, we're always looking for new style muses that set themselves apart from the others with a unique perspective and aesthetic, and Cocorosa definitely fulfills that. There's a dreamy style consistency across every post, and she has a warm, genuine quality that we love. Basically, Chantal feels like the kind of girl we'd love to spend an afternoon shopping and exploring with, and isn't that what being a muse is all about?

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