Monday Muse // Coconut, Lemon & Lime


With spring (supposedly) around the corner and lots of talk of music festivals, getaways, and summer road trips, we have a tendency to lean towards bohemian details when pulling style inspiration, which led us to Leana of Coconut, Lemon & Lime as today's muse. Hailing from Australia, Leana has perfected the art of beachy, gypsy-influenced style, and we're a little obsessed with how she mixes flowing dresses, printed kimonos, crochet and lace details,  layered jewellery and headpieces with an ease that has us longing for long summer days and nights spent dancing under the stars.


We've decided that in order to replicate Leana's gypsy princess style, there are a few style tips that you should pay attention to:

1 // The more layers, the better. Whether we're talking clothing or accessories, the key here is not to be scared to play with layers. Jewellery is an easy place to start, whether it's rings, bracelets, or necklaces, and it can be a good opportunity to experiment with mixing different styles and playing with proportions. Add a couple of statement rings to your usual selection of tiny stacking rings, layer a longer pendant necklace over a tangle of shorter ones, or mix a selection of thin silver bracelets with your favourite colourful friendship bracelet.

A kimono is also the ultimate layering piece, with its' relaxed silhouette and lightweight fabric, perfect for throwing over a vintage tee or summer dress and finishing off an outfit. Our Indian Summer Kimono has become a styling go-to, and we'll have a variety of other styles over the summer as well.



2 // Take inspiration from the beach, and think of a mermaid as your style muse. It's no secret that we love mermaids, especially with the release of 'The Wildfox Lagoon' loookbook this spring, and there are certain style tips we can take from these magical creatures. Think beach waves adorned with floral or sparkling headpieces, oversized loose knits and fringe details, hints of sequins, rich blues and greens that are reminiscent of the sea. And the ultimate mermaid piece? The Wildfox Shell Bra Lost Sweater, of course.


photo 1-3

3 // Embrace longer lengths. Summer dressing often means that we opt for shorter skirts and baring more skin, but we're seeing more styles that play with proportions and tempt us to try longer hemlines. We've always loved maxi skirts and dresses, finding them to be extremely comfortable and feminine, and they fit this bohemian style perfectly. A favourite combination of ours is a lightweight or lace maxi skirt paired with a crop top, and this summer we're looking forward to trying more midi lengths as well, especially in a bright colour or fun print, like the Wildflower Midi Skirt.