Bicyclette Style Contributor: Meet Alyssa!


Why hello, I’m Alyssa Garrison, but you may know me better as Random Acts of Pastel. I’m a daydreamer who loves sparkles, ballet pink, cotton candy, and all things floral. The lovely ladies of Bicyclette have kindly invited me to start contributing to their gorgeous blog, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of me around here from now on!

When I first started brainstorming what I wanted to add to this already amazing collection of glitz and glitter, I’ll admit I was a little stuck. A new year had just begun, and I was so excited about so many different things that I didn’t know where to start! There was so much fun to be had! So many new bars opening and crafts accumulating on my Pinterest! I started to get overwhelmed thinking about all the places I wanted to go, things I wanted to do, recipes I wanted to master, and outfits and I wanted to wear, and then it hit me: I really need to get out of my routine more.



Being a freelance writer means I am the kind of lucky person who gets to work from home all day in cute pajamas, sipping tea and doing the thing I love most. But often this means I don’t leave the house nearly as much as I should, and as a result, both me and my clothing miss out on all sorts of adventures. I spend most days cooking the same things, reading magazines, and talking to my pets, which, let’s face it, is pretty boring right?  So I’ve decided to make this year different: from now on, I’m taking myself out, and I’m bringing you along too!

'Take Me Out' will be a new bi-weekly post on the Bicyclette blog about taking your clothing on special adventures, or just staying in and trying something new. Each post will feature a fun activity/date/adventure and a piece of clothing perfectly suited to the occasion. One week I might take you somewhere close by and familiar, another we could hop on a plane to somewhere new. You might be whisked away to a dark cozy restaurant wearing that new cocktail dress you just splurged on, or find yourself crafting in a comfy sweater on your living room floor with a few good friends.


I can’t promise where my posts will take you, but I can promise if you come along we’ll have an awful lot of fun!