Love Notes // Vol. 3


01 // One of my favourite bloggers, Victoria of SFGIRLBYBAY curated three mini collections with Deny Designs that represent her dream gallery walls: LA Living, Beachy Boudoir, and Graphic Cool. Needless to say, I'm pretty into all of them. I've started putting my wish lists together, filled with art prints and pillows, and the styling for each room has quickly made it to the top of my decor inspiration.

02 // Usually one for fairly simple makeup - maybe a swipe of bright lipstick or a carefully flicked cat eye - I'm really loving this subtle, fit-for-a-fairytale sparkly eye.

03 // Recently I've found myself drawn towards simple styling that focuses on bold colour pairings, just like this serious that Designlovefest recently shared. Shoots like this really encourage you to play with the subject matter in new ways, and I'd love to challenge myself by doing just that.

04 // Doughnut nuggets with salted peanut brittle dust. Really, need I say more? Just add this recipe to the ever-growing list of deliciousness I'm planning to make.

05 // Spell Designs just came out with their new collection, Gypsiana, and though of course there are many pieces I love, it's this ivory lace maxi skirt that especially caught my eye, as I've been on the hunt for such a piece.

06 // I always find it hardest to put together inspired outfits when our weather can't make up its mind from one day to the next, and so I've been especially tuned into style pairings recently. I'm determined to play with colours and textures that I already have in my closet and come up with new combinations, like this feminine meets quirky outfit.